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Update August 3rd 2016: Loadout items!
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Author:  andreadst [ Wed Aug 03, 2016 5:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Update August 3rd 2016: Loadout items!

Hello !

A new update is live!


Get it here

This new update includes a whole new loadout system that lets customize the Bombslinger, a brand new intro room (burnt ranch), tons of new rooms and many new enhancements.

As you start, one loadout slot and a few items are available and further ones can be unlocked by completing specific goals in the game. For now these goals are pretty simple, we’re sure you can figure them out ;-)

We hope and think this update makes a huge difference in terms of progression and we’re planning on adding new items and refine the whole system in future updates.

Let us know what you think!

Change log

  • Added a brand new loadout screen with unlockable items
  • Added a choose resurrection item UI and improved effect
  • Made it possible for the Bombslinger to face a direction (not sure about this one!)
  • The exit from a boss room now goes through a magic vortex kind of thing. It’s temporary art but will hopefully clarify that the next room is a new level
  • Many new rooms
  • The Bombslinger now spawns in the centre of the start room of each level
  • The Bombslinger’s default speed is a bit slower
  • Items spawned from crates/chest are now animated
  • Improved the feel of Moonshine bombs throwing
  • Completely remade the burnt ranch room for better contrast and visibility
  • Standardized some UI elements
  • Clamped down the camera shake a bit
  • “Continue” and “skip” prompts appear faster and are less gigantic
  • Gold digger standard enemy now drops gold
  • Reduced the view range of some shooting enemies
  • Fixed the Nitro bomb not going through soft blocks
  • Fixed the barrels explosion types
  • Other bug fixes

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