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Beta Playthrough Notes
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Author:  Plasma Captain [ Sat Jul 09, 2016 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beta Playthrough Notes

andreadst wrote:
Thank you so much for the feedback! We still have a lot of issues linked to rooms not-unlocking correctly, narrow paths etc. I'm sorry for that and thank you for not rage quitting :)
No problem! It's my pleasure.

On the bomb shielding issue: This is just my opinion, but when I've programmed this sort of thing before, I usually have the enemy enter a "back off" state where it moves backward until it aligns with a tile. After that, it doesn't really matter what happens. Either the enemy can immediately resume its previous state, or it can revert to its default (walking?) state (either walking in another direction or pausing first).

Here's a GIF of what it looks like in Super Bomberman 4. The enemy backs up and then immediately resumes its normal pattern (walking).

Here's a GIF of what it looks like in the last Bomberman game I worked on. After backing up, the enemy pauses for its ordinary pause duration (some enemies pause longer than others), then reverts to its default movement pattern.

There are some Bomberman games, probably early ones, in which enemies just keep walking forward unimpeded even though you just placed a bomb, but I think this is unnecessarily evil and it restricts the usage of the shielding technique. It can already be pretty tricky to plant a bomb and shield yourself when an enemy is that close, so allowing the player to succeed without taking damage doesn't feel like it gives them an unfair advantage.

Author:  andreadst [ Mon Jul 11, 2016 3:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Beta Playthrough Notes

I like the enemy "back off" solution better than what they did in Bomberman! I think it'll take some time before we get to fix it though, our enemies have many states and a fix like that will probably require thorough testing before we push it :oops:

Author:  Plasma Captain [ Tue Jul 19, 2016 1:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beta Playthrough Notes

:oops: I'm sorry, I haven't had a lot of time lately, but I did manage to sit down and play through the entirety of the new build. I realize this is super late (maybe too late?).

* I like the new duel screens.
* I finally got around to trying out the Timer. It's pretty nifty. I ended up setting it to a low fuse and scorching through most of the game with it; it's kind of like a more risky alternative to the Detonator that way.
* The trench gunners are a lot better now!
* I almost feel like granting a new heart container after every boss makes it a bit too easy... maybe after every second boss? Or maybe that's just me.
* The third and fourth bosses are interesting, but almost feel like a step back to me in terms of design and challenge. The fourth boss in particular kind of got locked into a pattern where he kept walking around aimlessly without doing anything, and would predictably make the same daggers attack when I'd line up with him enough. I do like that the third boss has an ability that can scatter the Bombslinger's gold, though.
* The nuke appears tiny in the shop and costs $0.
* The third boss's upper half clips through the upper wall.
* The walking sound keeps looping as long as you hold down the arrow while transitioning between rooms.
* This is just my personal opinion, but though the room transition effect looks very nice, it seems a little slow.

Author:  andreadst [ Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beta Playthrough Notes

Thanks for your feedback!

About the bosses:
The clipping issues should be better already in the Early Access build (I can tell you, these clipping issues are driving us crazy, why oh why did we go for a a 2D/3D mix aha :mrgreen:)
The behavior still need work I agree. The last boss is actually the first we ever produced and it's very old, it's overdue for a good refactor.

Heart container:
That's interesting feedback. Usually we get the exact opposite (too hard!)
I hope that we'll get a better sense of how to balance difficulty now that the game is in Early will be easier if we get more people to weigh in on this I think.

I noted the bugs you mentioned, thanks!

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